About The Trust

Linskill LogoLinskill and North Tyneside Community Development Trust was set up in 2003 as a not for profit company limited by guarantee (04827255) and has since become a registered charity (1119143).

The Trust was formed to develop and manage the Linskill Centre with the aim of turning it into a successful, self-sustaining centre, providing the community with somewhere they can come to learn, relax and engage in activities.

The Trust completed a community asset transfer of the centre in April 2006, agreeing a 30 year peppercorn lease with North Tyneside Council. 

Gradually over time, the Trust has invested in the Linskill Centre, securing capital grants and fundraising to improve the facilities at the centre. Also, by securing a five year revenue grant from the Big Lottery Fund, the Trust was able to fund key staffing posts to help develop the activities and services provided by the centre.

The Linskill Centre today is now a thriving community centre with 82,000 visits from the North Tyneside community per year. The Centre has:

  • 26 permanent tenants hiring space within the centre
  • 35 casual user groups who offer activities and classes on a weekly basis
  • A community cafe open six days a week, providing affordable and healthy food
  • Linskill Nursery - offering affordable and flexible full day childcare 
  • An events department providing large scale community events in the arts and culture
  • A community garden providing space for volunteers to grow vegetables and fruit for our cafe

The Trust is nearing 100% financial sustainability by maximising the income generation techniques above and this will allow the organisation to become less grant funded reliant and more financially secure for future generations to benefit from the centre.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Linskill Trust is to have a strong identity as a welcoming and vibrant community centre that inspires and supports a wide range of people to access diverse personal and professional opportunities.

Mission Statement

The Linskill Trust promotes opportunities for well-being by responding to the needs of individuals and communities in order to enhance the quality of life in North Tyneside.

Strategic Aims

The Trust aims to;

• Promote the quality of life and wellbeing of all the communities of North Tyneside
• Provide a diverse range of opportunities for local people to work together and improve their community
• Develop a strong identity as a welcoming and vibrant community venue

To deliver these aims, the Trust will:

• Ensure that the Linskill Centre in North Shields is the most sustainable and accessible community centre in North Tyneside
• Develop outstanding facilities within the centre as a platform for community action
• Deliver a programme of accessible activities for all, based on the needs and aspirations of the local community

Impact of the Linskill Centre

The Linskill Centre recruited two Newcastle University Students in February 2014 to complete a research study on the impact of the Linskill Centre. Francis Leng and Libby Johnston worked with the community groups and charities at the centre and:

- Consulted with the user groups based within the centre by creating and completing a user satisfaction survey with permanent tenants, casual groups and nursery parents.
- Researched the number of people who are employed and volunteers at the centre, researched the impact of the centre consulting service users where they are from and how often they use our facilities and which services they come for.
- Compiled this data and produced a report to examine the impact of the centre linked to Index of Multiple Deprivation, Health, Employment and other indices.

Key findings and recommendations from the report have been implemented and informed the priority of the Trust’s future development work and capital investment. The report has also had a positive impact with funders, allowing the Trust to apply for major capital investment. A full copy
of the report is available here.